Top 5 Vinyl Wraps for Cars

Car wraps have become an increasingly popular way to customise the design of your vehicle without the need to pay over the odds for a brand new paint job. Wraps are not just cost-effective, but they offer endless styling opportunities for the car, from changing the entire colour to adding various patterns and prints to the exterior.

Since is rise in popularity, professional car wrapping services have become more widespread, and this has led to all manner of new designs and styles being created, so the choices really are limitless when it comes to picking a vinyl wrap for your car.

While there are many options when it comes to vinyl wraps, many decide to go for some of the staple designs and finishes, so let’s take a look at the five most popular car wraps that people buy:

Matte Black Vinyl Car Wrap

Matte black vinyl wraps have been the most popular vehicle wraps for quite some time. As opposed to the traditional paint jobs of a vehicle that is shiny and reflective, a matte black wrap offers an entirely new design.

The unique design of the all-black matte really draws the attention, as it is far from the norm in a vehicle, and many love to compare the finish to that of stealth fighters. Matte black vinyl wraps also lasts a long time and don’t lose any of their shine like a traditional paint job, making them a classic option when it comes to wrapping.

matte black car wrap
Check out this Matte Black Corvette…Tasty!

Chrome Vinyl Car Wrap

While matte black wraps were certainly the first style to become massively popular, chrome as fast become a rising start in the world of vehicle wrapping. It provides that truly stunning and eye-catching finish of a chrome paint job but without the ridiculous price attached.

The allure of a chrome finish remains the same be it painted or a vinyl wrap – its loud, vibrant, and makes one heck of a statement! The highly reflective surface in shiner than any other type of finish, so it is certainly a one-of-a-kind design.

chrome car wrap
Captivating Chrome Lamborghini Mercielago!

Carbon Fibre Car Wrap

Real carbon fibre is an extremely expensive and high quality material used in a variety of different ways, including in the production of vehicles, which are most typically of the supercars. While it is regarded for its lightness and strength, carbon fibre also carries a reputation for being a very stylish finish used in the most luxurious cars.

Its little surprise that this has become a very popular vinyl wrap option, as you get the sense of style and luxury without having to break the bank to do so. Quality wraps in this style will have an embossed finish rather than a pattern, which better resembles the real thing.

audi carbon fibre wrap
Pay attention to this stunning carbon fibre black AUDI R8 wrap!

Metallic Blue Vinyl Car Wrap

Metallic blue is a timeless colour for any vehicle, so its little surprise that it has become a staple for car wrapping too. It is also available in a variety of finishes, so there is plenty of options when it comes to metallic blue vinyl wraps for your car, from matte to gloss.


metallic blue car
All eyes on this striking metallic blue BMW wrap!

Gloss White Vinyl Car Wrap

Sometimes people are just looking for a quick and easy colour change to their vehicle, and in many cases gloss white vinyl wraps have become a really popular option. There is something timeless about a white finish to a car, and it can really enhance the overall style and look of a vehicle.

Gloss white wraps offer a brilliant freshness to your car, with the gloss finish providing the same reflective gleam that you would find off a brand new car, but without any of the high costs of buying new!

Check out this victorious McLaren 12C!


So that’s it, that’s our top 5 most popular vinyl wrap designs for cars. If you have anything you would like to cover in our blog, feel free to let us know in the comments below.




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